UPSDM (Uttar Pradesh Skill Development Mission ) Classes

We are devoted to the upliftment and wellbeing of all social classes. An important step in this direction is to provide and promote Skill Development  & Education. For several socio economic reasons, not everyone can avail a good education and this limits their scope of growing wealth. Even with no education individuals can have excellent growth such with their skillset. This could be anything from welding metal to writing code. But the challenge reminds the same – availability. More than that, the awareness about the world of opportunities that awaits is also out of reach for so many.

IP Foundation has worked on several awareness programmes and skill workshops. Through these the trainees were made aware of the skills in demand and were trained in these skills. Our programmes largely covered computer based skills making our trainees job ready in a meter of weeks.

We are proud to now be a Private Training Partner with the Uttar Pradesh Skill Development Mission (USDM). USDM is a State Government initiative to support the National Skill Development Mission. Through this, the UP Govt aims to skill over 4 Million youth by end of 12th Five Year Plan. It acts as in integrated mission which combines the efforts of various State Departments to achieve the State’s target.

We are grateful and joyous with this chance to serve and support with this affiliation. IP Foundation will continue to help citizens become employment ready and lead a life with pride and self esteem. A good citizen makes a great nation.

UPSDM Class by Manvi ma'am

UPSDM Class by Bharat Katyayan

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