Fight Against Diabetes By IP Foundation

Its surprising to know that infants have started to be diagnosed with diabetes.This is a great indicator to us about how food consumption of today affects the health of future generations by no fault of their own. The actual cause of diabetes in itself has not been found yet. It is a condition in which the body makes less insulin or no insulin at all and this compromises the body’s ability to process sugar. In the absence of this major function, several diseases and issues can stem up. India is the second most affected country by diabetes. 

IP Foundation set up awareness talks in schools and awareness drives across public parks in the cities of Haryana – Panchkula and Gurgaon. The children were educated about what the disease is and how it concerns them. They were taught about the importance of eating right, on the basic science behind how bad nutrition increases the scope of lifestyle diseases and how correct nutrition will give them a better life. Consumption of vegetables and whole grains was emphasized upon.

The adults were reminded of the importance of exercise at any age. They were encouraged to maintain good dietary habits to inspire their children for a healthy lifestyle. The number of cases of diabetes rise everyday. Bad health is a detriment in the progress of any nation. We at IP Foundation believe in the holistic welfare of all humans and continue to strive on that endeavor.