IP Foundation’s “Hindi Our Pride” campaign has taken flight with the aim of promoting Hindi language and culture on a global scale. With Mauritius as its first location, this campaign strives to showcase the richness and diversity of Hindi to a wider audience. Mauritius, known for its multicultural heritage and significant Indian diaspora, serves as an ideal starting point for the “Hindi Our Pride” campaign. The initiative recognizes the historical connection between India and Mauritius and seeks to foster a stronger bond through the propagation of Hindi. Through various activities and programs, IP Foundation intends to ignite interest in Hindi among the local population and the international community residing in Mauritius. Language workshops, cultural events, and interactive sessions will be organized to enable individuals to explore the nuances of Hindi, its literature, and its vibrant traditions.

Moreover, the “Hindi Our Pride” campaign aims to emphasize the relevance and significance of Hindi in today’s global context. Hindi is not only the fourth most widely spoken language in the world, but it also serves as a bridge between different cultures and communities. By promoting Hindi, IP Foundation hopes to strengthen cultural exchanges and facilitate better communication among people from diverse backgrounds.

IP Foundation’s “Hindi Our Pride” campaign in Mauritius is a step forward in celebrating the beauty of Hindi language and culture. It signifies the importance of preserving and cherishing linguistic diversity while fostering global unity. As the campaign expands its reach to other countries, it is poised to make a profound impact in promoting Hindi as a global language of pride and inclusivity.

* We are currently accepting registrations for Mauritius. Registrations for the UK, Europe, Canada, and other countries are currently inactive.


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