4 out of 5 people who are blind don't have to be.

We all are humans and mostly we look same, we all have two hands two legs one nose and two eyes, and everything looks the same to us, but sometimes we are differently abled with some differences, these are not man made these differences are with us since birth and we learn how to live with these specialities in a positive way, this is how we all start our lives but there is something that is man made and it creates a huge difference, few have everything and rest lives with the disability of poverty. This “poverty” is the root cause of most of the evil in our society. One of these poverty driven evil is making many of us blind, we are loosing the natural gift of sight According to report by Price water house Coopers, an investment of USD 2.20 per person per year between 2011 and 2020 in low- and middle-income countries could have eliminated avoidable blindness. This is because presbyopia or near vision loss ie, the inability to see or focus on nearby objects, is experienced by many people around their mid- 40s and this continues to advance with age. People with such a condition can easily correct their vision with a pair of spectacles. This may not appear as a major issue for those who can afford these services, but what about those who cannot? In our experience of working with low-income communities, people often hesitate to undergo even a basic eye-screening, as they worry about the expenses involved in the screening process and the treatment thereafter. Poverty and blindness are believed to be intimately linked, with poverty predisposing people to blindness. People from low-income backgrounds are more likely to become blind due to the lack of access to and ability to pay for services. Blindness also exacerbates poverty by limiting employment opportunities, or by incurring treatment cost.

Protecting sight and fighting for disability rights

We at IP FOUNDATION Int. are trying to fill this gap by providing basic eye check-up and free eye glasses to such people who can’t afford it. We have a firm believe that if we can protect these people from losing their sight, some of them might make our India shine bright.
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